Focus ac high speed fan relay 40 watt fuse jump

Home Articles Relay Test How to Test a Relay Easy step by step procedure to test an automotive relay, this information pertains to all relay controlled circuits. Step 1 - A relay is used to control switch a high amperage electrical circuit with a low amperage one, for example a radiator fan can pull up to 25 amps when in use, which would burn the computer circuit that controls it, a relay is used to bridge this circuit to prevent electrical damage. If this information is not available, check the owners manual or Google Images.

2009 Ford Focus Blower Motor Relay \u0026 Fuse, Blower Motor Resistor Location

Relay Identification Step 4 - Once the relay has been identified, gently grasp or touch the relay in question, have a helper turn the ignition key to the on position, then crank the engine over, the relay should click in one of the ignition switch positions. If so the trigger circuit of the relay electrical system is working, if not continue to next step. Note: If the relay clicks and the circuit is still not working there is a good chance the contacts inside the relay have shorted.

focus ac high speed fan relay 40 watt fuse jump

Feel Relay Action Step 5 - Next, remove the relay for inspection, grasp the relay and pull outward while slightly wiggling the relay housing, note the orientation of the relay, it must be installed the correct direction.

Removing Electrical Relay Step 6 - Once the relay has been removed, inspect the relay terminals for signs of extreme heat or corrosion. Inspecting Relay Terminals Step 7 - The relay is mounted in four electrical terminals housed in plastic and when overheated due to overload or resistance caused by a poor connection can distort and melt. Inspect Electrical Terminals Step 8 - Use as small metal scribe or tool to scrape clean any corrosion to ensure a good connection once the new relay is installed.

Clean Electrical Terminals Step 9 - Most relay's describe the internal circuit by an illustration on the side of the relay. Relay Terminal Identification Step 10 - Each terminal is identified at the relay base. Relay Terminal Identification Base Step 11 - To test the trigger or primary side of the relay set up a test light by connecting a scribe to a test light clamp, being illustrated in the picture below while testing the tail light socket.

Scribe in Test Light Clamp Step 12 - Once the test light is set up connect each end to terminals 86 and Now start the vehicle and operate the accessory switch, the test light should illuminate, if not the switch or circuit ground has shorted.

Note: if the circuit is computer controlled a delay could be programmed into the operation of the accessory, additionally if a cooling fan is being tested the engine must reach operating temperature before the computer will trigger the circuit.

Use the test light grounded to check for power, and then switch the test light lead to the power side of the battery to check for circuit ground. Testing Circuit 86 and 85 Step 13 - Next, use a piece of wire automotive wire 20 to 16 gauge and strip both ends exposing the copper wire.

Turn the ignition to the "ON" position and jump terminals 87 and 30 the relay is now jumped and the accessory should activate, if so the relay has failed.

If no power is observed at either 87 or 30, the fusible link or maxi fuse has shorted. Example: Testing the radiator cooling fan relay, the cooling fan should be operating. Testing Circuit 87 and 30 Step 14 - When replacing a relay be sure to match up the terminal location from the old relay to to the new unit.

New Relay Step 15 - When installing the new relay be sure the orientation is correct or the relay will not work.

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Reinstall Relay Cover Additional Testing. When a particular two wire accessory is not operating, use a grounded test light to check for power at the wiring harness either wire. If there is no power, the electrical system must be tested starting with the fuse then the relay. If power is present use the test light connected to battery power to check the ground circuit.

Some relay's can differ from this configuration but follow the same principle. To confirm the wiring configuration consult a wiring diagram from Google Images or a service manual. Step 1 - To test for intermitted relay failures which are common, remove the relay in question, take a small wire strand, about two inches long and insert it into the relay connector terminal 87 or Step 2 - Next, reinstall the relay while keeping the wire strand inserted and clear of any other terminals or metal ground.

Step 3 - With the wire strand secured in the relay terminal, attach the wire to a small automotive bulb and socket and ground. Note: A side marker bulb and socket work great because of its small size, make the wires long enough so the bulb can be seen while driving.

Step 4 - Temporarily mount the small bulb in a visible area to be seen while driving, masking taped to the hood or dash works well. Step 5 - This test can be used to test all aspects of the wiring circuitry by moving the bulb ground to power.

The bulb will now illuminate when the relay is use, and will go out to signal a failure. A relay is switch that utilizes an electrical trigger signal to activate. Once activated the relay connects an electrical supply to a particular accessory. These accessories can range from the main computer PCM powertrian control moduleradiator fan, fuel pump, door locks etc. There are two tests that should be considered when dealing with a relay problem, is the problem with the relay itself or is the problem a power or ground issue.Due to shipper and supplier delays, your order may take longer to arrive.

Display Options. Already know the part number you need? Click here to enter them directly into your cart. Choosing an electric radiator fan is a matter of matching the right-sized cooling fan and radiator combo for your engine. Engines need heat to operate efficiently, but require effective cooling—especially in performance applications—to eliminate as much power-robbing heat as possible.

Summit Racing carries a huge selection of electric radiator fans to complete your cooling system upgrade. Cooling fans are categorized by cubic feet per minute cfm ratings. A general guideline to follow for cooling a stock engine is 2, cfm for an 8-cylinder, 2, cfm for a 6-cylinder, and 1, cfm for a 4-cylinder. Of course, high-performance engines require more airflow. Many electric cooling fans are rated by recommended horsepower to help you choose the optimum cooling fan for your vehicle.

Electric radiator fans are available in both pusher and puller designs. Pusher-style fans mount on the front of the radiator and blow air through the radiator core. Puller-style fans mount behind the radiator and draw air through the core. Puller-style fans are recommended for applications in which the electric fan is the primary cooling source. A pusher-style fan can be used as an auxiliary cooling source, but you should sure make the fan covers as much of the radiator core as possible.

Find yours now. Diameter, 3, cfm, Black, Estimated International Date Loading Today. Electric Fan, Dual, 12 in. Diameter, Puller, 4, cfm, Black, Steel, Each. Electric Fan, S-Blade, Single, 15 in. Electric Fan, Single, 13 in.

focus ac high speed fan relay 40 watt fuse jump

Diameter, Reversible, 1, cfm, Black, Plastic, Each. Electric Fan, Single, 11 in. Diameter, Reversible, cfm, Black, Plastic, Each. Fan, Spal, Electric, Single, Electric Fan, Syclone Single, 16 in. Diameter, Reversible, 2, cfm, Black, Plastic, Each. Diameter, Each. Electric Fan, Trimline, Single, 16 in. Diameter, Puller, 2, cfm, Black, Nylon, Each. Electric Fan, Single, 14 in. Diameter, 2, cfm, Black, Plastic, Each.A radiator fan requires an average of 15 amps to operate.

The fan uses a relay in the fuse relay box under the hood. The relay has four terminals--one that is hot all the time, even with the key off. A second terminal becomes hot only when the key is on. This is the terminal that actuates the relay.

This terminal cannot be used for the fan because it is designed to carry low amperage from the key, and if the fan is attached to it, a fire could result because the wire is too small for the amperage required. The fan must have a gauge wire to carry this amount of amperage. You need to hard wire the radiator fan to a toggle switch on the dash in such a manner that the fan will shut off when the ignition key is off.

The fan can also be turned off manually when cruising to extend the life of the fan. Install the inside toggle switch where convenient. Remove the radiator fan relay from the fuse and relay box on the fender well. Test the relay terminals for power with the ignition key off use the voltmeter. There will be one terminal that has power with the key off. Mark this terminal on a piece of paper so it can be used later.

Turn the key on and check for a second terminal to have power. This is the one from the key that will be used to actuate the relay. Mark it down. Put the voltmeter on ohms and check the remaining two terminals for a ground. Mark the terminal showing ohms down as a ground. The last terminal is the one to the fan.

Now all four terminals have been marked. Place a jumper wire across the terminal that had power with the key off and the terminal that was dead and did not go to ground.

This is the fan hot wire.

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Set the voltmeter to volts and check the fan wires to see which of the two is the power wire. Mark this wire or remember which one it is. Disconnect the negative cable to the battery. Run a gauge wire with the appropriate terminals from the negative or ground side of the fan to a good ground.

Run a gauge wire from either the battery, if conveniently located, or from the positive lead in wire at the fuse relay box to the relay terminal that had power with the key off. Run a gauge wire from the opposite radiator-fan side of the terminal to the power wire on the radiator fan. This is the wire that operates the fan when jumped. Run a gauge wire from the ground terminal of the relay to a good ground. Run a gauge wire from the terminal in the fuse block that had power with the key on to the toggle switch.

Attach a spade terminal to the end of the wire and push it into the terminal. Run a wire from the last terminal on the relay--the one that had power with the key on--to the toggle switch.The fuse panel is located below and to the left of the steering wheel by the brake pedal.

Remove the CD stowage box to access the fuses. Roof opening panel unit, Luggage compartment lid release relay. Instrument cluster, Heater control module, Battery saver relay. Passive anti-theft transceiver module, Instrument cluster. Remove the fuse panel cover to gain access to the fuses. Exhaust gas recirculation EGR relay petrolfuel heater relay — Diesel. Engine coolant blower motor relay, glow plug relay — Diesel.

Skip to content. Tags: Fuse box diagram Ford. Main light switch. Power seats, Horn. Reversing lamps auto. Radio, Instrument cluster. Stop lamps, Brake pedal position BPP switch. Heater control module. Cigar lighter, front. Rear window defrost grid. Seat weight sensor module, Hasard flasher switch. Master window adjust switch, rear windows. Power Windows, front windows. Wiper and Washer. Headlamps, Multifunction switch. Restraints control module. Circuits protected.

Roof opening panel. Battery saver, Interior lamps, power mirror. Power hold relay, Igntion relay. Reversing lamps. Seat weight sensor module, Hazard flasher switch. Daytime running lamps relay.


Heated rear window relay. Fuel pump FP relay. Heater control, steering column, diesel particulate filter, remote control receiver.One of the most common problems with an automotive climate control system is a lack of blower pressure or no blower at all.

That means a trickle out of your vents instead of the rush you asked for. It will still work with no fan, and you'll usually still be able to control the temperature of the air that is blowing or trickling, out. But a climate control system with no fan to push the air around is anything but controlled. As did the author of this letter, you want your fan back.

Ford Focus (2008-2011) fuses and relays

Check out what he's been through, and why he should have asked an expert from the start. My problem is on a Dodge Caravan 3.

focus ac high speed fan relay 40 watt fuse jump

The trouble relates to the blower motor and its activation. My blower motor does come on. The Haynes manual says the blower is activated by a relay. I need to find the location of this front blower relay and the fuse that powers it. I work in the telephone business and am very familiar with DC wiring. Dodge owners manual shows the 40 amp blower fuse, 25, but does not mention any blower relay in the PDC. All the relays in the PDC have designated legends on the cover, but none indicate they are for the front blower relay.

The Dodge owner's manual contradicts this and shows no 10 amp fuse for the purpose of a blower relay, inside the junction box. Actions so far:. Note, there is no burnt or corroded wiring.

I just have to find the blower relay and its fuse. Can you help? Thanks in advance In the case of this Dodge's blower, the answer was fairly easy to discern. This is often the case. Your vehicle should have a complete relay diagram showing the location of all of the vehicle's electrical components such as fuses and relays.

To fix any blower, the first things to look at are the fuses, relays, and electrical connections. All of these are fairly easy to check. However, attempting this without all of the info you need, destines your electrical troubleshooting process to failure. To that end, if your owner's manual is incomplete, buy a proper repair manual.

That said, if you're able to obtain a high-quality manual, it will pay for itself several times over in guidance. Matthew Wright. Matthew Wright has been a freelance writer and editor for over 10 years and an automotive repair professional for three decades specializing in European vintage vehicles.Everyone's body is perfect, but having confidence in yourself is just as important. Be proud in your own skin and pursue that happy, healthy lifestyle.

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